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17 years old
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Song: PLUTXMXXN [Prod. prodtreasure] - 241AM

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About me:

i'm a vocalist and guitarist

I scream and sometimes sing

my solo artist handle is PLUTXMXXN

https://soundcloud.com/user-394153794 check me out i've only got the one song atm it's trap metal/underground ragecore type shit

I also make acoustic style emoish music but nothing released yet.

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/03hiJ9ybS17N9FhKyPJVUP?si=RJqSELrNTbWF8hlqtW7pGQ <--- what i generally listen to, i have another playlist on apple music with all my other songs i listen to but this is what i've been listening to as of late.


Who I'd like to meet:

If you are a drummer please god i want to make music with you so badly

guitarist / bassist who can do post hardcore / metalcore shit would also be cool

i want to just do vocals and find people who need them and are willing to make music with me, genuine passion

skaters and fellow emo and post hardcore enthusiasts

if you message me to discuss music i will not stop messaging you, i will message and talk about music for hours, you don't even need to respond or be interesting

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