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"shut up, please?"

16 years old
United States
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Song: Matt Maltese - As the World Caves In

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About me:

☩ call me doxxed ☩
☩ im taken ☩
☩ im apart of no specific religion (atheist) ☩
☩ im new to this, so i will most likely not be active on here; feel free to ask me about my other socials if you're [unfortunately] interested in me ☩

☩ im particularly interested in chess, but i dont know how to play yet ☩
☩ i take interest in puzzle games ☩
☩ im a big fan of music- im not bound to a specific genre ☩

Who I'd like to meet:

☩ i'd like to talk to people who arent weird, preferably ☩
☩ 14-19 age range i prefer, but i really dont mind ☩
☩ politics arent my forte, neither is religion or anything subjective that has a lot of controversy and issues ☩
☩ CLEAN people, no inappropriate subjects; they make me uncomfortable ☩

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ur page is so cool!!!! I love the feel and the song rly ties it together I just love it sm


hiii <333