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"h1 1m a10ndra!!"

1 years old
United States
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Song: Sewerslvt - Pretty Cvnt

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h1 1m a10ndra!!
pr0n0un5: sh3/h3r
1m a kp0pp1e and w33b
gr0up5 i 5tan:
str4yk1d5, tw1c3, b1ackp1nk, bt5, at33z, nct, 0n3us, 3x0, g0t7, m0nsta x, r3d v31v3t, mamam00, (g)1d1e, 3v3rg10w, 1tzy, and many m0r3!!.
1 a1s0 l0v3 an1m3 like, narut0, d3ath n0te, s0u1 3at3r, t0ky0 gh0u1, attack 0n t1tan, kak3guru1, dar11ng 1n th3 franxx, sa1kik, dangan r0npa, d3v1lman crybaby, v10l3t 3v3rgard3n, keng4n ashur4, 0uran h1ghsch001 h0stc1ub, b14ck but1er, fa1ryta1l, as5a5sanat10n c1as5r00m, j0j05 b1zzare adv3ntur3, th3 pr0m1s3d n3v3r1and, b13ach, sai10r m00n, t0r4d0r4, and m4ny m0r3!!

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this css is amazing i luv it!! thx for the add xx