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"there's nothing timid about you"

17 years old
United States
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Song: Character Demo - Xiao Doombane Genshin Impact

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About me:

about the owner
black!! blackity black BLACK
eng/french/ a lil 中文 ok
neurodivergent (adhd + ocd)
• hyperfixations
• vocal and psychical tics/stims
it/its pronouns

i like to think im aware of anything my faves have done wrong but if ive missed something, please let me know!
i block white people that annoy me
i use tone indicators!! i mostly need /j, /srs, /copy, /lh, and /hj

ure nsfd/constantly nsfw
u oversexualize idols/sexualise minors in general
ure cishet and/or white (unless i approve)
ure against t/t lesbians, h/h lesbians, neopronoun lesbians, or neopronouns/xenogenders in general
u speak over minorities (mostly black people)
ure gonna get upset over me using slurs i can reclaim

Who I'd like to meet:

more black people into my shit
more genshin oomfs!

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