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kokichi ouma


17 years old
United States
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Song: Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack - Coconut Mall

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About me:

my names are uranus, clover, and seven, you can call me by any of them specifically or interchange them, i don't care too much! i am 17 so i'm still a minor. i also go by any and all pronouns, most people use like he/him, she/her, or they/them but i guess if you wanted to refer to me with neopronouns, i'm fine with that. as for my sexuality, your guess is as good as mine. i don't really like people too much in that way so i'm still figuring it all out. and a few interesting things about me are that i am: an entp, a type 7, a leo sun, sag moon, libra rising, and a chaotic neutral.
─── . ・ ☽ . ・ ───
a few of my interests include:
anime, video games, danganronpa, genshin impact, minecraft, dream smp, astrology, astronomy/space, mbti, enneagram, music, and probably a lot more that i forget every so often.
─── . ・ ☽ . ・ ───
other ways to contact me

  • my discord is clover#0707 but message me here before you add me, i don't accept random friend requests.
  • here is my carrd for more things about me (but it's about the same info).
  • msg me if you want to play on genshin impact with me and i can send you my uid.
  • don't be afraid to message me either! i do not roleplay (although having that sort of account), i'm just looking for any friends although i'm pretty terrible at socializing. you will probably have to message me first but i'm down for almost anything!

Who I'd like to meet:

i don't care too much about who i meet, anyone as great as long as they aren't creepy/discriminatory, for more specifics, the type of people i would like to meet are:

  • anime/manga fans,
  • danganronpa fans,
  • genshin impact players who i can carry (or can carry me),
  • those to play video games with,
  • dreamsmp/dreamteam fans (not the creepy ones though),
  • people who like astrology,
  • and anyone who would be interested in talking to me!
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kiyotaka ishimaru

i stan your page >:)


Chaotic but pleasing.


your page is so cool! I wish I could actually make my own css lmao

kokichi ouma

@amiomooo thank you so much !!


i LOV yer page omgs :0

kokichi ouma

@holykurom1 aaa thank you !! it's still a work in progress but im glad you like it!


hey ur page is so swaggy