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15 years old
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Song: D City Rock feat. Debra Zeer

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About me:

trying to be active ig idk
no homestuck, mcyt, or ybc fans, also im not interested in dating rn so don't be weird with me
btw my name is Percy, lesbian, she/her, check out my carrd 4 anything else
i am Yoomtah Zing, Futaba Sakura, Percival King, and Aigis irl, if u think ur them irl dni lol
if someone can help me get a image in the corner in css i will luv u forever /p
not super into genimp i just like the characters
if ur not mlm and you like yaoi fuck off, same with wlw and yuri
also if you call urself a yandere or like media with those types of characters fuck off
im autistic so uh please be nice to me hah

Who I'd like to meet:

if u like epithet erased, all saints street, anime campaign, deponia, cookie run, or persona 5/3 plz be my friend

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Master Chief
mario 2

Fear's awake, anger beats loud, face reality
Never beat charity
The enemy you're fighting covers all society
(Damn right)
Mommy's not here, gotta fight
(All night)

Right here, Shadow 10 o'clock direction
Seize the moment, destroy the nation
Your rhyme is slow-motion, give me motivation
Freaked out now, and dead on arrival

Round up around, spit out
All over
Rhyme like a rolling stone
Comin' a crowd
Watch out, they move, they diss you loud
Guess what this sound, it bombs whole ground
(So round up)

Don't ease your pace, 'cuz enemy's brutal
Moment of truth, There ain't no truce
You're the only one, one world, one love
But the battle goes on, Shadows of mass destruction



Herlock Sholmes