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"Gatorade should be thicker"

Apache Helicopter
18 years old
United States
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Song: New Machines

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About me:

I don't enjoy whatever this hell spawn has done to me, and I will continue to make fun of anyone on here to repress anything I might sympathize with.


I will eat my bodyweight in paper towels then combust into many plastic frogs, the weight of my sins will crumble the world to nothing more than ash and I will have my ego stroked until I become God.


Remember, if you cant beat them, repress everything you feel and turn it into harmful jokes because you dont wanna admit to yourself that you just might be the thing you make fun of.


got the css from sskailyn

Who I'd like to meet:

Your face with my foot at approximately 20.3 MPH.
And probably a therapist.

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