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"hewwo owo!"

12 years old
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Song: Undertale - Megalovania

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Calling All Catboys!! [view more]
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About me:

i'm totallyacatgirl uwu

hewwo my name is catgirl XD

i'm nyanbinary ;333

i'm catgender and go by xi/xir, cat/catself

i like:

  • danganronpa
  • homestuck
  • alllll kpop!!1!
  • jjba
  • fnaf
  • undertale
  • sonic
  • future diary uwu

my kins <3:

  • sans
  • all catgirls (mostly nepeta tho :3 hehe)
  • also felix argyle, blair, chocola, and some others XD
  • kokichi
  • hisoka
  • markiplier
  • hatsune miku
  • yuno (i love her <33333)

message me if you want more!! owo

Who I'd like to meet:

new members for the catboy army!! (we are all felix argyle)

current members:

  • totallyacatgirl
  • catboy420
  • catboy
  • bugie
  • catboy
  • unholytendencies

meesage me if you or a friend is interested uwu

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