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"what cloud the bimbos on"

14 years old
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Song: I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

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hiiii! im venus! im 14 and i am emo asf.. im a demigirl lesbian (she/they!) and i looove music :33 my favorite bands rn are MCR, PTV, ZATS, Mother Mother, SWS, and my favorite artists are Mitski and Lemon Demon <3 i also like kpop! loona is my favorite group and chuu is my bias! ALSO i love mlp and lps ! please talk to me abt them <3 i also love spiders :)

venuscore graphics!!!
https://i3.glitter-graphics.org/pub/675/675163t4hwxoh47v.gif https://i3.glitter-graphics.org/pub/65/65763g09gl7vx0o.gif https://i1.glitter-graphics.org/pub/536/536771xyezxhy3qt.gif

https://i2.glitter-graphics.org/pub/95/95612nm4zvfysv7.gif https://i2.glitter-graphics.org/pub/439/439872zev6untzyt.gif
CSS from XxEmo_BitchxX!

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