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Princess Latte

"You'll Figure it Out."

18 years old
United States
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Song: VibingOS

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About me:

The Princess Of Curses Herself

Hi! I'm Roxanne, but most people just call me Roxie. I play fighting games and FFXIV, and have intrests in Psychology and Hypnosis and that whole group of stuff


  • BBTAG ~ Shirogane/Vatista, sometimes with Adachi thrown in there somewhere
  • HFTF ~ Khan, but I'm trying to learn V. Ice
  • Melee ~ Princess Peach
  • FFXIV ~ White Mage

Fun Facts!

  • My relationship with sexual attraction is incredibly weird, but I'm very gay.
  • I play in Aether on FFXIV, and I'm still kinda working on my free trial. almost to Heavensward through
  • I could probably kill god

go play secret little haven

Who I'd like to meet:

I'm really open to talking with anyone, ATM.

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