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"In the end the only things that remain are bones."

Trans Male
15 years old
United States
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Song: The Torture Tango Spies Are Forever

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About me:

The Living Trainwreckâ„¢, Depressed Goblin Nightmare Boy. I'm a sucker for horror and comedy stuff, I'm a theater kid, I like to draw and sing, my favorite movie is Mirror Mask(2005) it's a bit abstract but I think it's cool, I'm a bit edgy and I kinda have a grunge fashion sense but ya boi broke so he can't get a lot of the stuff lol, I also LOVE the stars and space, I'm into witchy stuff but I'm just a baby witch though so go easy on me, I also like anime I'm watching BHNA and Kakegurui, I'm the trans of gender (pronouns he/him) whoever made my stupid flesh vessel decided to give me the wrong hormones and genitalia, plz don't reference sexual acts (so no sex RP) this is due to some past trauma, I'm also dyslexic so If words are spelled incorrectly I'm so sorry (: .

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet people who will put up with my chaotic ass, I'm also kinda stupid but if we vibe correctly I'll stick with you to the end. I like people who like musicals (I'm a theater kid) so we can make references and jokes about the musicals we're into and mabey you could help me get into the ones you like ((: , I also like anime I'm trying to get into BHNA I'm still on season one though... lol, I'm a cosplayer as well!

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