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"family disappointment "
13 years old
United States
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why i've been gone

hiya! i'm not really sure if y'all even care but,,, whatever. i just suddenly kinda,, left, with no explanation and i want to say why. so, my computer that i was using wasn't really,, the best. it'd constantly crash on me, it would die at 40%, and to top it all off,,, it had a virus. about a month ago, it just,,, stopped working. it wouldn't turn on no matter what i did. so i started saving up money to buy a new one. my birthday is soon, and i only wanted a computer so that's all i asked my parents for (since it's expensive y'know?). my friend came over yesterday to celebrate my birthday (hi nowoh), and my parents gave me this computer. it's WAY better than my old laptop, which i got for school so it was really crappy. it was a chromebook too, so i couldn't download anything... at all. i also had it for over two years, and i was nearing three, and it just couldn't withstand the test of time i guess. but anyways, long rambly story short, i'm back for the foreseeable future! :o)