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"Proud Myspace Vetern"
35 years old
Last Login: 1607616611000
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My CSS and Archive.org

I would appreciate if everyone would of save my CSS and blogs often on the archive.org wayback machine.

Thats the blog. Thank you!

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Thoughts about Mario

(This one is gonna be mainly ooc)
This is the first Myspace account I've created. It was before the Mario Fortnite MP3 blew up on the platform and got stuck in everyone's head. It was before i even created my main account! Tom was nice enough to give me the login credentials again so i could continue using this account. I've been blowing up so darn fast!

I've had experience with Myspace parodying. To be a good parody, your CSS should be in theme with the character, you must A C T like the character, and you should be a bit active. Activeness really helps accounts, like the now deceased Jaden Desmond, who fwiended everyone on the site that he could, and got nearly 1/3 of the population from Myspace to know him. Parodies like if you are active to them, as well.

Mario was a choice i knew i had to pick. I grew up with Nintendo, and only had a 64. I owned a few games, but one i remember the most is Super Mario 64, and that is my favorite game of all time! I knew to sell it, i had to at least act like Mario. The -a and the a- really helps pull the effect off. Next was CSS. I didn't really have any sort of Mario CSS, so first thing, i just copied my main's CSS. And finally, activity. This is the one I've been pulling off the best (imo).

With that in mind, i finally had my first account out of 7. Mario is fun to parody. Hes a cheerful guy, and always brings the smiles to ya face. I kept this in mind, and i don't start drama or get into drama with none! My main goal, is to bring goodness to this site, and be remembered as Player Number One!|

  • Thank you -
    Broski the 50th - At this point, my best fwiend on the site. If i reach 1,000 fwiends by the end of the year, i will litterly give him my login details.
    Tom Nook - Got me into parodying for real.
    Jaden Desmond - CSS Help, and my CSS wouldn't be the same without him.
    Classroom - Font.
    You - For being a super player!

My mama once a-said...

My mama once told me, "If you don't stop making those silly faces your face will freeze like that." So i kept smiling.
Smiling if i was sad, smiling if i was happy, just to look on the bright a-side.
Eventually, my face did freeze, and i was stuck smiling! Of course, my mama would of said told you a-so Mario, but the weird thing was, even though i couldn't change the smile, i was still always happy! "You always should be happy even on the-a down sides" my mama once told me. So i took her advice.

Eventually, i a-went to the surgery, and got it fixed! But that a-lesson always stuck with me...

Just thought i'd share!



I a-will comment on your page!

When you add me, it will be: Lets a-go!
(Unless your page is uniqe to me then i will comment Lets a-go but in the theme of your page.)

DM me if you want a custom message on your profile!




SEP64 Productions owns this account!

Thank you-a Tom Myspace for giving me back the details so I could a-recover this!


Well most-a CSS is a-made by me, a Mario!

The SMB text CSS was given to me by classroom.

But a bit credit goes to a-Jaden Desmond! He helped with most of the template!
(Note: I removed his black line at the logo because its annoying, so I'm crediting him here.)
I'm actually using his-a CSS template!
RIP Jaden Desmond 9/28/2020