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101 years old
United States
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Update hehe

So we moved!! Were just getting things unpacked now and i live closer to my wifey!! Currently doing school and watching Twilight! My bed also got here so no more couch fo me <3 Also twilight is actually pretty entertaining lol. Edward Cullen is stupid as hell and its really funny to me. Anyways I have to get back to school in like 15 minutes so bye bye

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Busy snifgg

Sorry i havent been active as much, I got surgery and im currently in the process of moving ;0

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Stuff I did 2day!!

Today was a sleepy day snifgg..... All I really did was begin packing for our move, made a lot of progress in remodeling my animal crossing town, fix my fan, and coded the Sanrihoe's page. While I did those things though i also managed to rewatch beastars and panty and stocking, and also watch A silent voice for da first time. I am currently on a call with my friends and we're just vibin!! N e wayz Its late for me so i hope u guys have a good night!!! <3

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