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7. JBM's Tunes: Your Life Away

Welcome to episode 1 of JBM's Tunes. Today's song is Your Life Away by Post Animal.
https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a0812850961_16.jpg Nice cover art, eh?

Anyway, the band is a psychadelic rock endeavor founded by Joe Keery (Yes, the actor from Stranger Things) around 2015. This song comes from their 2nd full-length LP, and their first since Keery's departure. My opinion: Fine by me. This album hit a lot of excellent and varied beats, with Your Life Away being my favorite.

Your Life Away is the album's intro track, bringing a comfortable, dreamy mood. The track's vocals were the most striking thing about it; not necessarily the melody or performance, but the filter they used. Can anyone identify it for me? It's sounds like if they layered the vocals over themselves, but delayed by the tiniest amount, creating a kind of rough, static-y texture. I'm not sure what it is, but I know I love it.
The song's structure provides a sense of accomplishment to those who stick with it. Despite it's dreamy intro and verses, the chorus feels like the rising action of a film: escalating conflicts and progressing the plot. For the song's outro, Post Animal drops their dreamy, synthy style; opting for an oddly righteous, 70s rock opera-esque, barely-distorted, simple guitar line. It is so bizarre hearing this type of ending in 2020, but they do it so well that I hardly care!

What a ride this track is. Less of a Superman roller coaster and more of a spinning wild mouse: Low to moderate speeds, plenty of elevation shifts, and a feeling of just barely going over the edge.
Check out the rest of Forward Motion Godyssey. It's not a perfect album, but there's a few more great tracks worth checking out (Maybe a future spotlight?).


(PS, I'll try to get these out earlier in the day for people to read when they first hear the songs on my page.)

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