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shania's Blog

15 years old
United States
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get to know me

name:: shanna
nickname:: shania, bloody
how old are you:: 15
current location:: florida 🤮
eye color:: blue
hair color:: light brown
hair type:: straight
height:: 5"3
what's your middle name:: elizabeth
your weakness:: talking to new people (i'm very shy)
your fear:: bugs, spiders, dying in a painful way, and choking
best physical feature:: eyes
when is your bedtime:: 3 am
pepsi or coke:: pepsi
mc dondalds or burger king:: mc donalds
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: yes !!
what is your biggest pet peeve:: ignorant people
do you drink:: only on holidays
ever been drunk:: no, but I've been tipsy
do you smoke:: nope
do you want to go to college:: not really but my parents will make me go
do you want to get married:: yes
do you play an instrument:: guitar
what do you want to be when you grow up:: I want to be in a band
what country would you like to visit:: Japan
how many CD's do you own:: 10
how many tattoo's do you have:: none but I have 3 planned
how many piercings do yo have:: 4 but I'm planning to get 5 more



shoes:: combat boots
drink:: banana almond milk
place:: my room
song:: 570 - motionless in white
movie:: heathers
color:: purple


favorite eye color:: blue
favorite hair color:: black
short or long hair:: long
height:: taller than me
body type:: idk
does ethnicity matter:: no
piercings:: I love piercings
tattoos:: yes

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