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"fangs up!"
16 years old
United Kingdom
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haha sorry for not being active :/

sorry i disappeared for a hot minute there lol, my laptop had a meltdown. I'm back tho lol.

heres todays fit (I finally grew out my bangs again btw)
also my hairs yellow and green now which is lit



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I got snakebites!

I finally saved up enough to get snakebites and ngl they look cool asf (I also dyed my hair semi recently)


sorry I haven't posted on here in a while I'm not active on much social media except twitter ngl


Current concert plans for next year

I go to a lot of concerts, usually around 1 a month, but cus of lockdown I can't go to any atm, I can buy tickets for shows next year tho so heres everyone im seeing next year (so far)

3oh!3 in birmingham - friday 29th january
set it off in birmingham - wednesday 19th may
hella mega tour (fall out boy, green day, weezer) in london - friday 25th june

if anyone is going to these shows im down to meet people there, im usually queueing all day to get barrier

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ootd 10th july 2020


I got a clandestine hoodie!

I finally got my first clandestine hoodie! they're so expensive these days, especially in the uk, so when I saw this one on ebay for £50 I just had to get it.

https://66.media.tumblr.com/0c6828406c9c258464aa99daa004044d/eb296a948a5dd449-73/s540x810/21b6504153a5242deb08ad97cf5fd84032d26453.jpg https://66.media.tumblr.com/2259529a1e069cf309b6993fa2be2158/eb296a948a5dd449-df/s540x810/be3f5a445ac2d7645b905558935a702b798a51fd.jpg

Because it costs so much I won't actually get it until christmas because its gonna be my christmas present but I love it anyway.

I tried it on and did a quick inspection when it first arrived and heres a few things I noticed:

  • its in surprisingly good condition for a hoodie that old, I would expect some wear and tear
  • in general its very good quality, like new
  • it's very thick, it has two layers of thick fabric so its definitley gonna be limited to winter
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Ew a pete kinnie

my outfit for today because I felt cute

its a clandestine shirt layered over an ugly green hoodie with some ancient black skinny jeans because we're currently in lockdown so I'm not putting effort into it


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