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"it's a beautiful day to stay inside"
16 years old
United States
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read before you add me !

hi thought it was a good idea to put a dni and stuff here :P

do not interact if you:
are younger than 13
say slurs you cannot reclaim (including nonlesbians who say the d slur)
are a radfem or a terf
are an mspec lesbian or support them
have any negative opinion on neopronouns
have any negative opinion on other pronoun lesbians/gays
are panphobic !

before you friend me:
i will not add you back if you don't have your age in your profile!
i do not condone the problematic actions of my faves
i swear often
i reclaim the d slur
i strongly dislike mcyt (specifically dsmp) so plz do not talk about them to me

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