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"ayo bro don t kys that shit make u die"
69 years old
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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ok yo B8ED take the l okso this is a ""abt me" read it im fucking awesome and worth reading abt

im finn im a based sweaty chad gamer packin a 17 inch dingdong
uhh some interests r mspa, newgrounds culture , scott pilgrim franchise, video games in general, any comics rlly uhh programing workin on developing games in the future yk most electronic shit interests me im a computer nerd whatdo u want ok i make comics sometimes i like 2 skateboard and increasing my health risks by drinking a lot of soda. yeah fuck this theres no possible way im gon fit all my interests into this fuckin thing soill just move on
pronouns r him n he im hella vulgar i swear a lot i cant go 1 fuckin minute without saying slurs (tHATT i can reclaim duh)
anyways long story short im cool as shit /dare 2 add me if u think u cool enuff 2 hop on dis dick and b my HOMIE
oh w8 yeah fuck im not like i never go deep into "kins" but i kin dave strider sollux captor and pizza steve ight PEACE

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