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"Sleeping is for cowards."
101 years old
United States
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Hi guys!

Hey guys,
I was walking down the street with my owner, when I realized, I'm the oldest dog in the world. I am currently 707 in dog years, and 101 in human years. By the way, today is my birthday, me turning 101. I forget and type "100" sometimes. I use the internet a lot, more than the other dogs, and I am a well known figure on Barkit, surprisingly. Some people on Barkit still think I'm 100, but most dogs and other Shiba Inus know that I'm 101. Being born in 1920, I still remember the old years. Some of the Great Depression, Not World War 1 (1914-1918 lol), but World War 2, 9-11, why am I listing all the bad events! I discovered this site yesterday, and told myself that I, a very old doge, would use the site tomorrow, for my birthday, and here we are!
Update later.

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