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Why I believe.

I used to be skeptical that aliens would be on our planet, it made no sense to me why they would bother visiting us. I was small minded and blind, then I saw, and my mind expanded.

One day I was out on a field, Perfectly blue clear sky, Not a cloud in sight, and then suddenly a perfectly circular shadow began flying around the field, making sharp turns on a dime. I looked up but saw nothing, Only the shadow. I believe this was a cloaked craft, beyond this I have not seen anything in person I would 100% claim were the visitors, but I have seen things such as a massive object hurtle into the atmosphere from space in a massive ball of flame near Lake Sebasticook in 2009.

I was still skeptical until I met Eugene McCarthy, a man born in the mid 1960s, he worked as a writer, for the US airforce in west germany, and eventually as a speech writer for President Jimmy Carter. If you recall, Jimmy Carter promised to release all information on aliens if he found any, Well he did go to a briefing with the CIA, and Eugene was going to help write the speech that disclosed whatever was found. When President Carter left the Briefing he was "Deeply Disturbed" and told Eugene the speech was not going to be written. I have no reason to doubt the word of McCarthy, and several years later I saw another report by an Airforce official who witnessed the same event that corroborated exactly what Eugene told me, Saying the president was disturbed.

The CIA is either keeping it secret because Aliens are here, or the human race is 100s of years more advanced in some sectors and we dont know it. The amount of solid and confirmed UFOs that have been seen and recorded isnt massive but there are too many cases to simply dismiss, the burning man of Brazil, another mass sighting in brazil that resulted in a large group of beach goers getting SEVERE radiation burns similar to the burning man. As well as the recent Pentagon releases of UFO videos (After they were already leaked) and the DHS CCTV footage of the Craft that was in Puerto Rico back in 2013.


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