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"kill ed sheeran"
13 years old
United Kingdom
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stream princess by ayesha erotica <3 :)
ayesha was so iconic
ayesha said 'trans rights' and made it y2k
i n longer like charli xcx fans for doxxing her
ayesha left when the world needed her most
it all fell apart when she left
wife left me :(
house gone
wanted to tax evasion in 42 states and murder in colorado
lost custody
no more chicken nuggets

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my beliefs <3

trans rights
gay rights
fuck trump
bernie 2020
fuck boris
stan ayesha

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ben shapiro

did you know ben shapiro is 5'7? he hates his height so much he got google to take it down. pathetic. he's a piece of shit, no one cares that his wife's a doctor. i am going to get platform goth boots just to step on his weak,fragile body. i am going to use his tiny body as a fleshlight

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ed sheeran

ed sheeran is the plague of western society. all of his songs are either about objectifying women of death. his shit doesnt even slap. its for 40 year old women who cant feel love anymore. like maybe if he didn't look like he says the n word, it would be okay. i can 99% guarantee that if you go into his private dms, there is an n bomb. he looks like he only watches lesbian porn. something just doesnt sit right. every single time he creates a song, some sort of tragedy happens, coincidence? i think not.

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rodrick heffley

One time, I made a shrine of Rodrick Heffely in the girls bathroom. some ungrateful b1tches took it down. like sis, sit down, you're not even authority, this isn't your job. i spent 45p (GBP) on printer ink for blonde white girls to colonize the bathroom walls????? rodrick is love, rodrick is life. maybe if i assassinate ed sheeran, they'll live but that's not looking like an option anymore.

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