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"Meenah my love ^^ || Pix is bestie. No joke."
101 years old
United States
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for my beloved <3

Ok I know we just met but like,, I kinda confirmed it.
I'm really in love with you,, you're so kind. You made me feel something I haven't felt in forever. You're my spark. My happiness. The moment we started talking I became happy as ever. I'm usually not,, sure I'm kind and all,, but that doesn't mean I have a true smile. You unlocked that smile in me and,, I don't really know what to say about it!-
I love you so fucking much--
And yes I know you may be uncomfortable with this,, I would've waited. But I don't want to make the same mistake I keep making.

If you're interested in me at all,, or feel the same way,, we could possibly start a relationship if you're comfortable with it--

-- Your lovely companion(or maybe wife/gf) Sega <3

( Also, I'm very sorry if this has rushed you or caused you stress. Again, I don't want to make the same mistake of hiding it for so long. I would've waited to see but yknow haha... )
( DM me here or on discord--if you want to respond and or are interested in responding. Or just- comment if you want to hahsh- )
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OH MY GOD DONT WORRY IM NOT UNCOMFY AT ALL !! actually, this made me very happy :D i love you too sega/mari! <3