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"Touch me, Midas. Make me part of your design."
18 years old
Hong Kong
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Luca Apperciation

LEt me rant again cuz mf deleted my whole blog.

Lets be honest,i hate you so much,i fucking hate you for making me feel like this.
i love you so much,thank you for staying honestly.Back then i never thought someone would wanted to stay with me,not even for 10 minutes,so having someone who wanted to say with me forever never really crossed my mind.even when we were togetehr back then,marrying you never crossed my mind because honestly who wanted to stay with me?its just empty thoughts that will make me have my hopes up.
Being hurt for too many times scares me to the core,i keep on pushing you away and yet you stayed,you keep on being so patient with me its unreal,its unreal how stupid you can be for someone whos always rude to you.
you are just always so so nice to me for no reason,you showed me that i can be loved,and i can love without getting hurt.even when i was in a crisis,mentally most of the time,you always come and check up on me and always worry about me.
To be honest i have never had someone who cared about me that much.
I could rant and rant for hours and you would listen,god honestly just by doing that its already enough,i am so grateful that we had met again.
I never really wanted someone to really always be there 24/7 because its annoying,but honestly when its you,its like its always not enough,i always wanted your presence,i alwyas want you to stay
You may think that you are not doing enough for me,but thank you for making me trust again,and always make me realize that i can lower my walls,especially with you.
Thank you for exsiting,i love you so much.
IF one day all of the flowers eventually withers,then my love for you will be the only flower that stays.

you smell,

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