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"✿flower power✿"
19 years old
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dumb stuff i like

i wrote a super long list of the dumb stuff i like, but the site logged me out and it got deleted. that sucks.

so i did it again lol.

favorite animes: spice & wolf, working!, flcl

favorite games : portal 2, disco elysium, earthbound

favorite movies: groundhog day, porco rosso, scott pilgrim

favorite books : hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, good omens, roadside picnic

favorite toons : over the garden wall, adventure time, the venture bros

favorite comics: sandman, watchmen, seconds

favorite webcomics: stick in the mud, scoob and shag, homestuck

favorite webseries: baman piderman, critical role, ENA

favorite podcasts: mbmbam, the official podcast, hello from the magic tavern

favorite bands : AJJ, dead kennedys, sui generis

favorite music artists: david bowie, charlie garcia, gustavo cerati

that's a lot of useless shit lol.

if you're a smart person you'll realize that none of that tells you much about me.
if you're not that smart, don't worry, neither am i. hence why i wrote it. such is my foolishness.

as thanks for reading this, here's a cool song: https://youtu.be/GaLV82vOSsQ

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