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14 years old
United States
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a GROSS anecdote.

yesterday i was gonna go brush my teeth, and since my toothbrush is stored at the lower part of the sink (its like a desk sort of), i opened the cabinet and grabbed my toothbrush to be surprised by...
A COCKROACH. it fucking crawled on my hand when i grabbed my toothbrush. it was SOOO FUCKING GROSS!! i immediately shook the cockroach off of my hand, out of pure fear and disgust!!
i STILL am disgusted and i still find it VERY scary that that horrible thing happened last night!! eugh!!! fucking gross.
that night i did discover that i have a great fear of cockroaches.
and yes, it was the fucking AMERICAN COCKROACH. THE BIG ONES.

thanks for reading my anecdote of disgust...


woke up...... day ruined

i just woke up,r its like fucking 8 am but i was gonna wake up at 10, the reason i stood up is because 3theres workers outside my house banging shit and my legs feel like liquid, my eyes feel like gas

also i slept at fucking 2 am too so thats a thing

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i just baked cookies all by myself. theyre ready right now, so ill eat em!
theyre the reeses cookies by the way, so the batter was not made by me. only the baking!


(music) if youre curious...

if youre curious about my specific music interests, heres a playlist:

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if you send me a friend request, i will read your blogs and bio and all that to see if youre good enough for talking with me and stuff.
i will also rarely clean out my friends list, so if you are included, then its nothing personal.

thanks for understanding.

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heres some bonus info about me if you want to know me more:

i am/will...

  • use ":3" ironically/satirically
  • a taurus
  • a bard of rage
  • an entp (entp-t)
  • self aware, or just aware (nowadays)
  • (a bit) flexible with technology; if you need help with anything simple in python or maybe css, then message me. keep in mind that i am not the best best
  • keep secrets shut like scp-988, no matter what
  • a bit unintelligent, from what i see
  • an anarchist. deal with it :3
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thoughts on tiktok

so, tiktok is an app where you can express yourself, and taken over by the wrath of neutral-ol' musical.ly. <-- that name has actual cobwebs on it.
basically, it was just a rebirthed version of the app, but with more and more features instead of just dancing and stuff.
nowadays, people dancing to songs on tiktok is very hard to find, since its now mostly just people making videos and all that junk.
now why am i writing this blog? well, its on my bio, of course! -"this is my myspace account for yelling and complaining,"!
(well, this is just a small little blog about it. anyways...)
so, onto that, the app has been known for being just unfunny or filled with tons and tons of no-one teenagers and several celebrities to boost their reputation. thats my problem, though.
its completely fine that its got tons and tons of teens, but does it compare to anything like for example, this site, or youtube, or twitter, and several others. can you guess? exactly. its just toxic, and a plain hivemind.
tiktok is the only place that from the top of my head-- has the most people who almost act the same by several factors.
its just filled with so many small teens who just sit on their phones without doing anything important, and have no to less hobbies. its the main reason why theyre """depressed""" all the time, but in reality, they just crave for something great, something BIG to happen to them. will that happen at any point? probably not, since they either consume or stream tons and tons of videos about topics. its all garbage, its brainrot. if you want to be in a place that is way better, then its best that you just dont tell others about it. it just brings the trashy parts of certain platforms onto others, up to the point where the people with potential are all dug up in the ground like mummies.
and all being filled with alot of unimporant people who just watch and watch stuff all the time.
basically, i just dont like tiktok or anything with alot of similar dummies who act the same all the time.

i dont have enough time or loathe to describe all of this, but you get the picture. i just find it annoying, thanks for reading my rant.

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dude fuckin. miitopia is so fucking fun. like the music and the bosses and everything about it is soo 'awsom' (sic.)
like, the moment i got the demo i was already into it. it was so clingy and the charm of fun rpgs (2nd place next to the MOTHER/EB series). i grinded until i was in level 10, and waited until the 21st to finally get the game. i havent finished it yet, but you should REALLY get it. its worth the 49.99 dollars in your wallet.