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"Women are Goddess "
14 years old
United States
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I want to be a detective but that like cop work and cops are little bitch rodents so I really don't know maybe I'll make my own police force

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Witchy stuff

Recently taking a break on the craft, sadly failing school so I thought to focus on it more instead of practicing it has helped a lot and I can tell my guides have been also putting me on a break so I'm glad they respect that anyway As soon as school is done I will turn this into a vibey witch place where you learn and chill so be ready for that

Fun witchcraft fact for the day- The Pentagram is a sign of protection not of Satan

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how tf do I code and how even do I start I really want to learn I took a club thing along time ago but tbh I have the memory of a goldfish or like that fish from finding nemo I might be dorys cousin who knows

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