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"Be Gay and Commit Crimes"
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🤍 Introduction (: 🤍

It is currently very dark in my bedroom right now and 10.06 pm on a Wednesday night... Anywho, Hi! I'm Lilly (: Some people tend to call me Sayuri and or Elizabeth. I'm 17 and live in the awful state of California. It truly does suck here, dont believe all the hype lol. I'm not exactly sure how to introduce myself... I had it all in my head and suddenly I get writers block. I'm 17 with a anime and monster energy addiction. That about sums it up. My aesthetic is seriously all over the place, i cant seem to pick between cottage core, fairy, dark academia, skater girl, or lesbian who looks better than guys do. I have a ton of hobbies which is how my aesthetic is so jumbled. I love poetry and writing books, its one of my top things i do and actually enjoy. I also enjoy Skateboarding and ATV riding, i currently have a 2006 Honda TRX. I fucking LOVE animals, with a BURNING PASSION!!! I hate when people step on snails too, that is my biggest pet peeve. FYI this whole "introduction" thing is gonna be all over the place so hopefully you all buckled up.. I'm most likely the craziest person you have ever met, I literally have Bipolar Disorder lol. Due to my Bi Polar stuff I have like 7 different moods, 2 of them being so incredible oblivious and kind to a complete fuckin psycho, like I will burn your house down and piss on your ashes... but i hate when people step on snails, I will kill you if you step on snails. I also enjoy Anime, a lot of anime... which then led into the BL/YAOI/GL addiction.. which then led to me writing it (: ~kms~ I host gaming nights every Thursday on my discord server (link in my bio thing) and all we do is play Minecraft, drink my liquid cocaine, and eat a Costco size box of cheeze-itz. NGL ill probably come back to this and edit it in the morning because I'm a writer and its what we do best <3 I'm really cool and you should totally be friends with me because im also a incredible cook and baker (:

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