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"Because the sky right before dawn is the darkest."
18 years old
United States
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This is my experiment blog where I get the hang of how this works.
Hopefully this works.
Can you edit blogs that have already been posted?
Jesus Christ, all this for a crumb of clout on a clone of a website that doesn't actually exist anymore

I might overshare with these blogs and post some past journal entries and writing of mine. I'm, like, a genius, so if I do, I'll be blessing y'all with the privilege of bearing witness to my awe-inspiring, god-given talents. You're welcome in advance.

If my headassery worked, then there should be a photo of some very beautiful and talented girls who are about to go fake skrrt skrrt for the camera.


Edit: I'm gonna commit self-murder
Edit 2: What am I missing??? I'm doing exactly as the instructions say bro

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