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"some of y'all need to touch grass"
11 years old
United States
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Current Life Situation + What Would You

Currently, I'm living at my dads house, why? Because my mom and her boyfriend made me kin Nagisa Shingetsu.

SO, this summer I'm gonna be moving into the city my cousins on my dads side live in.

Imagine this, a strip mall kinda in between another, bigger strip mall that has a target, and a grocery store. The smaller strip mall includes a GameStop, a Buffalo Wild Wings, a Verizon, and another store I forgot the name of and is 2 blocks away from your future apartment building. You have around 2 hours and $50 to spend. You have the option of going by yourself or going with your cousin, who's the same age as you, but, you'll end up spending $10 more at whatever store you go to.

With all that explained, please comment what you would do, I need suggestions for what I should do because if I don't plan what I'm gonna do beforehand, I'm probably gonna end up getting Taco Bell take out and then going home.

Edit 1: I forgot to mention that there is also a Panda Express, a frozen yogurt place, and a Starbucks inside the target.

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