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21 years old
United States
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Super ultra mega Reigen luvr [ABOUT

yo yo yo yo ‼️
-My pronouns are He/They thinking of adding It and scythe but I’m not sure yet.
-My username is my old name don’t refer to me by that I only go by Mello/Mihael
-Infj 4w5
-I love mob psycho so so so much It’s one of my comfort shows and the anime I’ve been the most into for like 3 years now <3 <3
-I have discord and other socials but I hardly use them (ask)
-I might make a kin list later and anime recommendation list
-I luv art it’s very cool
-idk what to write I’ll think of things later and probably erase this whole thing
-I love Reigen he’s so cool and funny and complex and my favorite conman and sexy and gorgis and hot and handsome and hot and cool
-started reading Yotsuba&! i'm on ch.54 i think ?? I love that green booger she's so cute and funny so cool.

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