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"Hello humans"
13 years old
United States
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First blog :D

So this is my first blog! I've signed up for myspace yesterday and I'm learning CSS coding!! Its so much fun XD. My boyfriend broke up with me recently and I've been trying to find something to get my mind off it so I started this page. I can probably write about that later tho. Anyways, I started making kandi at the beginning of the pandemic and I've been learning how to more and more complex cuffs and patterns. A few months ago, I made a rotating cuff and it took hours :P I don't have any photos of it at the moment but it was really poggers lol. My most recent kandi project was a mask with gir on it!!! Heres a photo of it


I made this mask like a month ago but I haven't been motivated to make anything besides singles so I'm still really proud of it.

Also I go to school in person and one of my friends is gonna buy me monster energy next week :D
I never had monster energy because my parents are strict so I'm glad I finally get to try it. I asked for pipeline punch since I heard classic wasn't that good. Anyways, that's really all the life updates I have. I'll post another blog soon.

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