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14 years old
United States
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all about mef

(=xェx=) starters (=xェx=)

• i enjoy Mashiro n manlybadasshero content:D
• refer to me as whatever the fuck U want
• 14
• aries(april 4 is my bday^o^)
• drawing (preferably digitalC:)
• old web
• my favorite vtubers r mashiro and hajime from nijisanjiC:
• ig; _qiurong
• twitter; @qiurong07
• pinterest; @awesomeboylovefatcatxx
• clock app; @awesomeboylovefatcatxx

(=xェx=) main interests.. (=xェx=)

• nijiura maids<3<3<#3
• popee the peformer
• touhou project(not super expert thoughx~x)
• shugo chara
• serial experiments lain
• rokku n kogal gyaru, harujuku punk fashion from the late 1990s-2010 and ouji/kodoma fashion!!C:
• vtubers(nijisanji, holostars/hololive, etc.)
• VIDEO GAMES(i will be more specific below this one)

(=xェx=) music taste (=xェx=)

• visual kei(dadaroma is my personal favorite/getting into malice mizerxox)
• takayan:D
• flesh on bone
• tv girl
• 800 cherries
• the black skirts
• aphex twins:3

(=xェx=) certain games i take interest inx3 (=xェx=)

• playing touhou 6 as of now i rlly wanna complete itToToToT..
• visual novels
• indie games(helltaker is super good)
• rpg maker games(like YTTD)
• ponytown a littld
• puppet combo games:^)

oh yeah n heres my spotify if U wanna follow or find some new music,,^__^


if U read till the end thxs:^o

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