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13 years old
United Kingdom
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my blog

hey yall, im quite bored so this is my first blog, how has you day been mine was so bad i had history which wasnt bad cause i ad my favourite teacher then i had the worst teacher he litterally looks like an egg, then i had geography and ended up doing an essy the teacher didnt tell us about and its predicting our gcse grade then i had music where i almost had a panick attack, then it was time for home #lol. i got home and i played roblox and watched a movie then i made this account #quirky, my dad just came home with some new earphones i love him hes litterally so sweet i feel like i dont talk to my parents enough about stuff and that kinda makes me sad cause i love them there so sweet. OML OML OML i really want to be at alton toers right now riding every ride ugh anyways have a goodnight love from me n trisha!!

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