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"My god! These bitches gay! Good for them"
18 years old
United States
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DNI since y’all can’t seem to read

People under 16 keep on trying to add me so I decided to just make a full DNI
Do not interact with my page if you are..

  • Under 16 ( if I already added u back then ur fine )
  • Don't have your age somewhere on your page (this goes for if you have your age set as "101 years old" or something. I'm just not comfortable with not knowing the age of someone I'm interacting with)
  • Support MSI ( Jimmy Urine is a racist prick and if you can’t see that then I don’t want u here)
  • Make fun of current Gerard for his weight ( it’s not funny to make fun of someone for being healthy :| )
  • Are anti-ACAB or support Trump ( I am literally an anarcho-communist dude... why are you here)
  • Don’t have your age in your bio ( I’m not comfortable interacting with people I don’t know the age of )

That should be it but I might edit this or add on to it later

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