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"Spread Love And Joy! !!!!! !!"
16 years old
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third blog

hey, so i skipped a day since i was over at a relatives house yesterday and just remembered about this. I spent those days just playing around with them and their kids, nothing too big really. Honestly, I should be writing these whenever something big happens but I like to write about all the little thing in life, even if it is boring to read. I would go more into detail but I wanna do other things rn so I guess thats it for today :)

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second blog

hello, don't know who's reading this but thank you for doing so. Today i went out with my dad to pick up some trees to sell. It was about an hour drive and we picked up around 12 trees and 30 saplings. And then the rest of the day was pretty standard work, helping clients and all that. Honestly,nothing really goes on around here and I just waste the days away working. It doesn't bother me really and there's a strange sense of pride I get in helping around here. Lastly before I finish, I noticed you can only post 10 blogs I think?? So im probably going to have to delete old blogs as I continue writing new ones each night, if i feel like it. But writing these are fun, so we'll see :)

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first blog

today i packed some oranges at the farm. then i scrolled through this website and saw a bunch of cool pages. i wonder how they get those custom backgrounds. I only know how to change the color haha. well maybe someday.., thank you for read ;)

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