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books ive been reading lately

yolk by mary h.k choi

update: just finished chapter 16. the main character is kind of annoying ngl and even though the synopsis says its about one thing, im kind of confused on what the focus of the book is? like its supposed to be about the sister and how one has cancer, but there's not much talk about it and its a supposed to mention things about ED's but not seeing that yet. granted im not that far yet, but like....the book is not that long. i still like it though.

punk 57 by i forgot

update: just finished chapter 3 or im on chapter 3?? anyways its a romance book, not usually a romance book person. i like my romance in bits and sprinkles whenever i read. i think misha is going to get on my nerves. from what im reading the book is about to pen pals that still write to each other after 7 years, but its a hate to love relationship. like how??? im just wondering how the author is going to do that...flip the characters feelings for each other.

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