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"It's easier to cry while cutting onions..."
21 years old
United States
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~Roblox Oof Noise~

Gahhhh, I typed everything out and went to post and it didn't save ;-; we shall try blogging again lol
-Gosh, idk how people go all out on their pages with CSS. Kudos to them with all the smallest of details!

-I'm trying to get multiple images to repeat in the background, but it doesn't like me. I'll just say heck it and try it again another time XD

-I'm not sure what today has in store for me, but I'm feeling better as the hours pass and I start to wake up more! I went on a walk with my dog and I might go on a walk with my older brother later today (with social distancing >.>)

-The conversations my brother and I had made me feel more human last time we went on a walk. We talked about our similar struggles and our individual accomplishments! At one point he brought up how he felt weird talking about the things that made him feel good about himself.

-I said fuck it! You should feel free to express your own self-growth and struggles! There's so much negativity in the world and we should be able to express the things that make us happy without feeling like we'll be judged, we should normalize our small achievements in life because sometimes it's hard to feel like you're making progress. So do it!! Talk about something you did that made you happy, do things that aren't apart of the status quo, fuck the "normal" lifestyle, and live your life to the fullest!!

-I made some homemade horchata last night and I'm excited to drink it! I also got my favorite cereal from the store (honey bunches of oats) and I ate some at like 11 pm last night XD I might listen to an old ep. of All the Space in Between because they didn't have a new episode this Monday o.o Theres this bit they did that makes me laugh super hard every time, their humor is interesting and it's something I've been listening to for the past year as comfort from what I've been struggling with. Enjoy! Woof woof! https://twitter.com/allthespacepod/status/1259379199208353792

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