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"heyyy im just here to"
15 years old
United States
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yknow what

im doing ym math homework in the pitch black and my eyes are burning. its worth it because i have a 0 in the class and i am scared. my brother walked in on me doing the "straight girl pose" yknow, he just walked away. cool dude. there was a pink moon today!!! it was very pretty, i wish i had someone to watch it with :( i hope your days or weeks or months or years are doing pretty good. my group therapist is the greatest person alive. he despises me because i talk to much but i know deep inside hes my bestie.
<3 ily
-nell uwu (ironic)

also i dont have a pee pee kink this is here so i dont have to say it again. youll see why people think this. its because i think pee pee is funny. i am a child please dont judge my humor

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ahh i missed the pink moon yesterday, but the moon was so pretty though. take care of yourself while doing homework <3