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LunarStarBerries's Blog

"and wish that it was me.."
14 years old
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⤐ Before you interact

I'm still kinda new to this whole thing so please be patient if you do message me. I'm okay ish at keeping conversations but I tend to do well/better when it's not just 1-1 so if I'm really dry or just ghost you I'm really sorry ahead of time.

✙ When I get comfy with people I tend to come off flirty ig? I promise that I'm not trying to get with you ㋡ I also have limits on how far I'll go, Also, Please don't joke around saying that I should leave my boyfriend for you or anything of the sort. And please don't say stuff like ,"we should fuck ifykyk haha jk lmao unless..", I don't think its funny ㋡ I'm asexual and it makes me very uncomfortable (/srs) unless we've been friends for a long period of time to the point where I know its only a joke.

✙ I use tone indicators when talking sometimes as well!! So if I say something such as, "I mean...maybeeeeee/j", I'm joking or using it in a joke like tone. And when I really get comfy I tell people that I love them as well, So you'll see me often say "ily bestie/p", (Platonic).

✙ Please do not message me about triggering stuff, I will not continue talking to you and you will be ghosted.
☒ This also applies to my specific triggers, Don't send stuff that can cause derealization as well (Ex. "You're not real", "Everything is just an illusion", "What if this was all a simulation", Joke or not, you will be ghosted)

✙ Please DNI if you're under the age of 12, Or at least don't message me or anything, Anyone is free to add me though.

✙ And Friendly reminder that I have a boyfriend!!! I would never do anything to jeopardize what I have with that man, He's the love of my life. If the way I come off sounds like I'm a cheater then pls just don't interact with me ㋡
I love that man more than anyone and anything in the world, And if you don't believe that, That's not my problem, Just unfriend me or block me.


☀ You are racist (As in not believing blm, Standing against Stop-Asian-Hate, If you are prejudiced against Native Americans or blantly disrespect them, Etc etc, Literally I want nothing to do with you if that means you)
☀If you are a neo-Nazi
☀If you think incest is okay (That includes Kaeluc shippers)
☀You support MAPS (Minor-attracted-persons, Basically pedophiles)
☀You fetishize Asians, As an Asian person, Please unkindly stay away from me.
☀If you are homophobic and transphobic
-This includes believing he/him lesbians aren't real
-This includes believing Pansexual isn't a thing
-This includes "Not being into trans people" while being Bisexual/Pansexual/etc.
-This includes using slurs that do not belong to you
-This includes thinking that the gay flag (The blue one, not the rainbow) is "disrespectful to lesbians" and/or thinking that the gay flag is relating to the dsmp (Idgaf if it's "just a joke", dni if you think it's a joke)
-This includes believing it's okay to misgender someone because they "did something wrong"
-This includes believing more representation is "Brainwashing our future generations"
-And lastly, This includes people who say "Just don't do it in front of my family"

That is all, I will not hesitate to block you if you are any of the above.

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