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i want spotify friends

i made a new spotify account and my friends list is rlly empty so follow me ill follow you back bcuz ik its hard to get spotify followers so why not :D


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new yttd chapter!!

VERY MAJOR SPOILERS (this is just me rambling for like 5 paragraphs)

i played the new yttd chapter!! i started playing the game around a year and a half ago i think? so i was really excitedd i already read the script months before but it was untranslated and super rough so i only got a few moments. it didnt ruin the chapter for me tho (if anything it made me more excited to see the game fully out and translated).

SOO shin and kanna are siblings? i was willing to bet money kanna and midori were related because the foreshadowing was so obvious but i guess i was wrong...idkkk. im just worried now because i didnt get that scene (my playthrough is shin/alice) and i just know its gonna be brought up later and give shin another reason to hate everyone SIGH

i havent played the kanna/reko route at all..all i saw was kannas flashback and sibling reveal scene and i heard that i probably should because its drastically different..i lowkey wanna replay the entire game to see the emotion route but i know ill end up keeping shin alive 😅 my kanna kizuchi kin coming out

tbh though im kinda sad midori died, not because i liked him but because he was just soo interesting.. i wanted to learn more about his character like how is his number one fear is dying but he also wanted to be in a death game? and who even raised him, asunaro?? yttd's writing is so good i actually want to have a conversation with a fictional character just to learn more about them lmfao

ranmaru...i liked him the whole time up until his death so i was so surprised when i found out people started disliking him. i understand though, him killing alice left me in shock omg. i really wanted see a massacre ending with him and sara though.

my prediction for the end of the game is either: sara lives, everybody else dies. shin dies and takes everyone with him. shin and gin live. i dont think keiji is making it to the end of the game imo...maybe if he betrays sara.

but fr im gonna feel so empty when this game is finished ive known these characters for almost 2 years and more to come ive become so attached to them its unreal lmao. hopefully nankidai still uses the characters when its done bcuz id literally take anything

ok thats all was just wanted to type my random thoughts lol will edit this later

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are a bigot/homophobic/racist/etc
you use acab sanrio pics for aes lmao
are a fujoshi
support trump
are a jschlatt fan
im a minor! no nsfw or anything creepy.
if you're 19+ feel free to interact but no dms please!

!!quackity & badboyhalo!! (watching both since 2018)
i also watch dteam & skeppy
!!!your turn to die!!!
friday night funkin
girl from nowhere
breaking bad


i dont take kins seriously at all, doubles PLEASE ADD ME you are all so cool

about me:
i want to make friends just send a msg of something we're both interested in! i might sound rlly formal at first tho but i promise i want to hear from you :)

likes: leopard print, every music genre (even country), subway, the color white, vanilla perfume, dairy queen, jingly bracelets, nature, big belts, winter, psychological thrillers, graphic novels, aries & leo suns.

dislikes: loose clothing, bugs, wendys, judgemental people, italian food, eyeshadow, science.

thats all i can think of rn ty for reading if u did

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