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101 years old
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Good Evening . . a first blog. ✧

Soon, the markets will close, and the boats on the harbor will settle. As the night stirs into Liyue, I do wish that you soon get some rest. A rare gem like you should be sleeping well, of course, so you aren't faced with any difficulty of exhaustion in your travels tomorrow. When the sun rises once again, friend, I do ask that you join me for a drink. I'm sure there will be lots of interesting news from Childe that we can discuss later.

I am not very familiar with this website, 'Myspace', as Childe made me an account against my knowledge (and will). I do hope to find any of my friends on here, most notably Hu Tao, or Ningguang.

Thank you for reading this blurb, then, friend. May we meet again.. possibly on my next post.

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