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"I don't need a book to teach me how to love"
16 years old
United States
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survey about myself


name:: austin
nickname:: vic and parker are my online nicknamez
how old are you:: 6teen
zodiac sign:: taurus
current location:: new jersey
eye color:: brown
hair color:: brown. i need to redye it purple :(
hair type:: wavy
height:: 5ft
your heritage:: italian american, german, jewish, english, a ton more
what's your middle name:: skylar
shoe's you wore today:: these black filas with white on the bottom
your weakness:: being too naive
your fear:: being left alone
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: nope
do you want to:: hell no
goal you would like to achieve this year:: get on testosterone. also to be more confident
first thought when you wake up:: i am chaotic braindead so this doesn't apply to me
best physical feature:: eyes
who is your bestest freind:: my lovely boyfriend joey <33 he isn't on here though. also maria and grav, also not on here.
when is your bedtime:: i try to fall asleep by 10pm
your most cherished memory:: seeing the used in philadelphia on february 12, 2020
pepsi or coke:: neither. fanta
mc donalds or burger king:: neither. arby's
single or group dates:: single, just with me and my boy
what is the last song you sang:: someone saved my life tonight by elton john
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy/enby more attractive:: playing any instrument makes someone more attractive to me
what is your biggest pet peeve:: homophobes and their bullshit reasoning for being homophobic
do you drink:: uhhh water, yes. and gatorade
ever been drunk:: nope
do you smoke:: no
do you "SMOKE":: i just answered no...
do you sing:: nah
what color underwear do you have on:: dark gray
do you want to go to college:: yeah
have you ever been in love:: yes. and i still am.
do you want to get married:: hell yeah
do you believe in yourself:: not really
do you believe in others:: sometimes. depends
do you like thunderstorms:: not at all they're scary
do you play an instrument:: i tried learning the guitar. i wanna learn drums also
what do you want to be when you grow up:: screenwriter for television sitcoms
what country would you like to visit:: idk really
how many CD's do you own:: more than 10. probably...13?
how many DVD's do you own:: 5ish i think
how many tattoo's do you have:: none. i want to get three tattoos. i want to get an upside down cross on my chest, a wolf on one upper arm, and the in love and death heart but rainbow on my other upper arm.
how many piercings do you have:: one. right ear, black stud.
how many things in the past do you regret:: too many to count


shoes:: filas. not the chunky ones you think of when you think of fila, but the tennis shoes. these thingz https://www.joylot.com/gallery/554277924/1/fila-mens-windracer-3-memory-foam-running-sneakers-shoes-1.jpg
radio station:: 104.5 philly's alternative rock. kinda shitty at times but whatever
drink:: cool blue gatorade. also my grandmom's iced tea
car:: idk. anything that works
place:: my room
song:: i have a list of ones i like right now: you're so last summer by taking back sunday, poetic tragedy by the used, runaway by linkin park, and all out life (see, the inspo for my username) by slipknot.
movie:: rocketman
moment:: idk
color:: red or purple. also this color https://i.pinimg.com/236x/02/9d/fd/029dfdfa291a08a818e2508163bb5202--purple-bathrooms-girl-bathrooms.jpg
meal:: pizza!


favorite eye color:: blue, green, or hazel. brown's also cool
favorite hair color:: any, but dyed, black, and brown are my favorites
short or long hair:: any length
height:: taller than me
body type:: any, but people with a little bit of chub are cuteeee
does ethnicity matter:: no
piercings:: sure
tattoos:: sure

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