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"i juzt wnat h0t t0pic t0 g0 back t0 it uz3d t0"
17 years old
United States
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dude im so sleepy and tireedd

Hai again!
Sorry,,, idk if i wanna be on here or friend project since they're both similar but diff,, so idk which ill just stay with :((
I like teh old look of this site, but its not super functionaal
anyways im sleepy, and inactive a lot,,

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HAIIII GUYSS! Im more active on tumblr!! So add me @digitalnekomaid

I post most of my scene stuff there since its easier than here <3
I post relatable scene kid stuff, pics of my kandi, scene outfits, and more!!

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x3 rad t33h33 uppdat3!!

h3y guyz! z0rryz iv3 b333n inactiv3, iv3 had zch001 ztuff an whatn0tz... it mak3z itz hard t0 p0zt b10gg3rz 0n h3r3 an b3 activ3 0n1in3 >_< i hav3nt 33v3n b33n activ3z 0n mai tumb1rr!!111!!1!! n0t rad 0~0

wizh m3 an mai k1tty z0cki33z w311 xd

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kinda serious vent TW

I've always dealt with depression and anxiety, but lately it's gotten so bad.
Like im so touch starved, hugging my family doesnt work anymore, I wanna hug my friends so bad but cant and havent for a year.
This year by far has been one of the most awful years of my life. So much so that everyday gets harder, i can barely get out of bed a lot of the time. Or remember to take my vitamins, or shower, or do anything at all but be in bed all day. My legs feel so weak, and I keep forgetting to drink water, its been so hard. I've never wanted to commit no alive more than now, but I wont bc i love my family and the few friends I have. So Im not gonna, but it is tempting :((

Its like my brain is on fire 24/7 lmao, idk what im meant to do. Anyways im okay sorta.

anyways hang in there guys, even though it seems awful and feels like ur constantly suffering, it'll get better. I promise

-love, angel

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w0w XDD LOL im p1nn1ng mai h4ir back z0 i canz has sc3n3 sw00pi3 bangzz!!1!
h3h3 im zo r4nd0m :33

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firzt blog XD

hai sc3n3 kidz!!!

this is my first blog :P
I hav3 n0 id3a wh4t t0 typ3 h3r3 but hai >;3 (hehe winkie)

anywayzzz... fw3nd m3!!! <3

!dinoaurs go rawrzz :P!

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