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"What Doth Life?"
15 years old
United States
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Hey so i wanted to come and just say some shit, mainly how currently my life isnt as good as it usually is due to the fact many of my friends cut ties with me a few weeks ago due to me liking P*rn on twitter and not knowing when to stop posting creepy shit on discord. Although we went to the keys in florida, i still keep thinking about the stuff they did, they all unfriended me (most of them) and one of my best friends called me a lost cause because i reactivated my twitter account which they didnt want me to. But at the same time i feel like i shouldve left them a long time ago as they do alot of edgy humor such as making fun of gay people "Ironically" and also making jokes about jewish people etc. I hope anyone reading this can understand what im going through and can relate to what i am going through.

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Hope ur feeling ok. Its best that ur not friends with them anymore. They definitely did not seem like a good crowd to be around and its kike they tried to dictate what you should do. Best off without them. I hope better people/friends come your way in the future ! :))


Thats such a sh!tty reason to leave u--
I lost my first ever friendgroup a while back as well, it's not easy, but it get's better over time
I promise. Don't worry too much abt it, the people that are worth it will stay in the end.