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"be my friend, this is a threat"
16 years old
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Blog start bitches 😩

Hey, It's me, Rice!

I feel like starting to be a blogger, and since I feel awkward on Tumblr 😗 I'm just gonna start writing blog posts here, where no one will ever witness it 🖐🏻😌✨

So be prepared for alot of stupid blogs and random memes pop up on this page like the flowers in spring 🌼 and maybe even follow my journey on becoming an author because I like writing uh I have a wattpad so 🤠

Anyways, I'll probably will try to post daily or two to three days distance between my posts honestly I'm a very busy business girl so im sorry if I don't write daily
Honestly I feel like this is gonna end with my good mood but hey :D always be very positive
Also know that every grammar mistake is intentional to seem quirky enough 😩 for the crowd

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