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"love: the heart sliced open, gutted, clean."
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i had my ankle surgery roughly two or three weeks ago. surgery went well, but the doctor, when he cut me open, found that two of my bones were beginning to split. so alongside my ligaments being replaced, i now have two buttons on either side of some bones. EPIC! i also woke up from the surgery in TERRIBLE pain bc of it.
however, recovery went well. it was slow going, too.
after the initial recovery i went to the doc and got the cast unwrapped. my skin rejected the cuts and i couldnt be put into a boot. so i have to wear a hard cast for roughly three weeks. after this cast i should be able to go into a boot and start physical therapy. but instead of recovering on the couch, i can now recover in my bedroom, which is so much better lol. i had the best sleep of my life last night since i hadnt slept in my own bed for like two weeks </3

tldr surgery went well. went from soft to hard cast.

thanks to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery. i rly love u all and the environment this site has created is so lovely. im gonna try to send u all valentines cards/gifs tmw <3 imagine there's a piece of candy connected to them lol


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