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me a potential friend to you

Hello Hello everybody thankyou for joining my corner of the world its small but thats alright

I made this mostly just wanting to make a cute site, not that i am very good at coding but it looks okay, but it has turned into something much more as i have put very personal things in here everybody irl dont know about me so yay you know more about me that my closest friend.

Here i have a list of my many interest that no one in my real life like so i am quite lonely s if you wanna be friends i would love love that like actually although i take time to warm up to you so i can seem quite the dry texter sorry if you would like to take to another app like snapchat or insta to chat i have a much better chance of being your friend so if you are near my age like similar things nonbinary a lesbian chat me up as i would love to have something in common with someone in this world as i seriously know no one irl or online like me!

ALSO! how are you really genuinely i would like to know or maybe just write your take on the one of my many interest that are on the homepage i would love to chat! (sorry if i dont get back right away as i am not on everyday)


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