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♥Fav Anime and Mangas!♥

Hi Friends!!

I've written down my fav animes and mangas, i've also ordered them in genre, probably gonna make it a series cause i can't type for this long! ^o^

Slice of Life:

I'm actually a big fan of the slice of life genre! So here are my faves!

♪ Silver Spoon - By Hiromu Arakawa

If you know full metal alchemist, then you must recognize Arakawa! Silver spoon is a slice of life manga that stars Yugo, a high school student who fails his high school entry to escape his demanding and strict family by going to another high school far away! I really enjoyed this and i totally recommend it!

♪ Genshiken - By Shimoku Kio

If you're my friend irl, or on here in myspace, you're probably an anime fan, a weeb, or an otaku (different things btw! if you would like to explain i will!) This Manga follows a College otaku club and their growing friendships!

♪Barakamon - By Satsuki Yoshino

If you were to assault someone, you'd get punished, right?? Yep!! That's what happened to out protag! A Pro Calligrapher punched someone in a response to critics, and then got banished to an island! Oof, gives off Sdr2 vibes huh?

I hope you enjoyed this short list on some mangas i enjoy!

-Thank you friends, Mochi! ^^

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