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"hey gorgeous"
15 years old
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i like how i always tell people to text me first b/c i'm too dry to try and continue a conversation that i started

damn people make me nervous

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uhh so i think i have abandonment issues but i'd rather not label it. i've just noticed that although i may not show it, i get attached soo easily. like if someone made me feel comfortable and then suddenly left, i'd be hella affected. this has happened so many times that i've lowkey gotten used to it, idk how i don't have trust issues yet.

jhfesjdioc sorry for the rambling :/

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guys give me song recommendations. I don't usually look for songs myself so I need helppp!1!1!

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my kins :/

  • shinsou (mha)
  • tamaki (mha)
  • hikaru (ohshc)
  • kyoya (ohshc)
  • iwaizumi (haikyuu)
  • tsukishima (haikyuu)
  • kuroo (haikyuu)
  • kuroko (kuroko's basketball)
  • levi (aot)
  • ymir (aot)
  • uenoyama (given)
  • yuri plisetsky (yoi)

hahah ik it's a lot but that's only cus i've put a lot of thought into it...

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k so im guessing thst there's a lot of people that are nervous to message on here like i am so im gonna give you guys my discord and twitter rn...

disc: crispy#0901
twitter: _im_yourhoney

feel free to message any time!! i have dnd on at all times but i make sure to check notifs often...

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meet me igg

  • Well first off I'm a minor so please don't interact if you aren't 13-17
  • aquarius+virgo+virgo and an esfj
  • i don't use social media much so i'm sorry if I don't interact much!
  • if you wanna talk regularly then you can ask for my discord or twitter ^^
  • my likes: anime, sleeping, ice skating, bass guitar
  • dislikes: making mouth sounds that aren't speaking
  • i'm bi soo hmu wink wink
  • i'm introverted sooo i'm sorry if i'm dry but if i warm up to you, i promise that i talk a lot!!
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